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Below are the books that spoke to us collectively:
The Afterlife of Billy Fingers
by, Annie Kagan
Dreaming Kevin: The Path To
Healing by, Carla Blowey
Living Still, Loving Always
by, Nita G Aasen
And Real Men Do Cry
by, Eric Hipple
The Shack by, William
 You Are The Mother Of All
Mothers by, Angela Miller
Letters to my son by,
Mitch Carmody
There's More To Life Than This
by, Theresa Caputo
Child Loss: The Heartbreak and
the Hope by, Clara Hinton
Beyond Tears: Living After Losing
a Child by, Ellen Mitchell
Bearing the Unbearable: Love, Loss,
and the Heartbreaking Path of Grief
by, Joanne Cacciatore
I Will Carry You: The Sacred
Dance of Grief and Joy by, Angie Smith 
Three Minus One: Stories of
Parents’ Love & Loss by, Kelly
Kittel and Jessica Watson
The Good Grief Club
by, Monica Novak
Love Life Walk by,
Steve Fugate
My Mommy Is a Butterfly: An Inspiring Story
about the Power of Love by, Michelle Beber
Change Maker: How My Brother's
Death Woke Up My Life by,
Rebecca Austill-Clausen
Johnathan's Journey
by, Stacy Wurz
The Empty Room: Understanding Sibling
Loss by, Elizabeth DeVita-Raeburn
Visions of the Bereaved: Hallucination or
Reality by, Kay Witmer Woods 
Hello from Heaven by,
Bill Guggenheim 
An Exact Replica of a Figment of
My Imagination by, Elizabeth McCracken
 Permission To Mourn, By Tom Zuba
 Disaster Falls: A Family Story, By Stephane Gerson